Banana Pound Cake

As a uni student, you will soon find a way to get rid of expiring food fast. I had bananas, and felt like cake, so banana cake was the way forward. Except I didn’t have the right ingredients, so I searched everywhere online, tried every phrasing on Google, and finally found a quick and easy recipe that only requires 5 ingredients. Yes, 5 ingredients. So it was good bye bananas, hello banana pound cake.

I got my recipe from:

The recipe asks for quite a lot of ingredients, so I halved it and even then, it made quite a lot; about a 9 inch pan of  2 inch thickness (I really need to learn the sizes of the pans and trays I use). I also added some cinnamon, but definitely not enough because I couldn’t really taste it.

It was quite dense, but thats expected from a pound cake. The banana flavor really came through, and it tasted really good. This is another recipe that I will be using a lot, especially when my bananas get all spotty and mushy.


I should’ve used a plate, but I was tired. It was getting late, and I didn’t want to wash extra dishes, so a piece of kitchen towelette had to do.



Victoria Sponge Cake

It was one of those rainy nights which make you feel like reacquainted with your bed, duvet and pillow, then getting cosy with your laptop and a mug of hot chocolate, and loading up your favorite rom com (or action movie if you’re a guy). It was perfect. I did all this, except something was missing from the picture. A slice of cake. Since being in London, I haven’t been able to bake as often as I have in Hong Kong, so I left the comforts of my bed (after finding a recipe of course), and ventured on to bake my very first Victoria Sponge Cake. Quite an appropriate choice if I may say so myself to bake it here in the UK.

I got my recipe from this site:

I followed the recipe pretty closely, only changing the type of jam I used (blueberry because it was all I had), and adding bananas to it as well. Oh, and I used a different sized pan. I can’t quite remember what size it is, but when I baked it, I halved the batter, then baked it.

I’ve got to say, this cake is so easy to bake, and it was so good! I’m so glad I found this recipe because I’m sure that this is one that I will be using a lot in the future.

Hopefully the presentation will improve..