summer bucket list.

I’m really excited to go home for the summer. So far I only have a few things planned, but I also have quite a lot of free time as well, so I’m making a bucket list so I have something to do when I’m lazing around at home, or to do over the duration of the break. I’ll continue to update this list with more entries, and also to cross things off as I go along.

1. Hillsong Conference

2. River Camp

3. Bogor Mission Trip

4. Malaysia

5. Korea

6. Macau with the group

7. Learn Korean

8. Learn how to play some piano pieces

9. Go biking

10. Sleepover with the group

11. Visit the islands

12. Go to the beach



New Blog

This is my second blog, and it will be more about places I visit, things I do, and it will have more photographs that I take. I want this blog to be more of a collection of memories that I make. The tumblr I have is a more private collection of thoughts of things that I’m going through, so this one will hopefully be more upbeat, and hopefully I will actually update this more often.